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So the server has had some issues recently. We’ll just call them growing pains. One of which is power fluctuations. Xyamom has donated 1 1500va UPS which will help filter the power coming into the server as well as keep it running if the power goes out. Other than that we had an issue with temperature… Believe it or not the server ambient temperature was TOO LOW and caused the server to shut down. The temperature dropped below 3C (or 37F) which tripped the LowerThresholdCritical temperature probe. You would think that the server would run better under cooler temperatures and you are right with the exception that if the ambient temperature is to low and the server is warm it will cause condensation. After about 4 hours of signing into the DRAC via SSH and trying to manually change the LowerTresholdCritical Probe I gave up for the night. The next day I was explaining the server temperature issue to JWAFFLE and Xyamom. X suggested that I put the server in a large cardboard box so that it can warm itself up with it’s own heat. That’s a crazy enough to work! So now the minecraft server is connected to a UPS wearing a cardboard blanket. It kind of looks like solid snake…


…Well actually closer to this…


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looks like your trying to play minecraft

The server should be online and hopefully stable… I looked into upgrading to 1.7.10 or 1.8. sadly there isn’t enough mods to bring it up to the current level of awesome we were running. So I checked out some of the reasons the server was crashing. Most of them had to do with bukkit plugins. So It looks like we will have to wait until Sponge comes out probably the beginning of 2015.  Anyway Mcore and Factions are currently disabled. I dont think I will be able to bring them back online until then. So hide your stuff well.


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minecraft meme

So it looks like tekkit and 1.6.4 was just too buggy. We are switching over to Feed The Beast and hopefully everything should migrate fingers crossed.

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So The server is getting some upgrades right now. There are a lot of outdated plugins. It will be back soon(ish). Stay tuned for more info.

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So, it happened again. The server crashed….. but as far as I know It wasn’t due to any of the usual suspects.  The server is running esxi with virtualized os that runs Minecraft. The host machine has 32 gb of ram and the virtual machine running minecraft has 25 gb available to it. The problem this time around was a complete halt of host machine. When I connected to the DRAC of the host machine, a Dell PowerEdge R900, the machine was showing as power state off and I was not able to “power on remotely” however when I took a look at the physical machine the fan’s were full blast and no post… So Im guessing some type of hardware / power issue. Im not sure if the input power fluctuated causing the machine to error or if there was another part of the hardware that was failing. If anyone is experienced with diagnosing PowerEdge machines and would like to give me a hand with fixing these issues that would be great. The server should be back online for now.